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I work hard to make the most of our time, money, space and natural resources.

To do: Get somewhere on time!!!

December 6, 2007

Why is it so hard to be on time? I hate “wasting” time by being early to things so I’m always doing “one last thing” before going somewhere. And of course, there also are days when as soon as I get one kid ready, the other one has un-readied his or herself. This morning, the kids were up by 7 and I was NOT functional. Amazingly, they both stayed in bed with me for the next two hours, with minimal squawking and kicking and climbing on me. I’m amazed that Connor didn’t crawl off the bed when I was...

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To do: Recycle/reuse

December 4, 2007

I came across a list of things that Inver Grove Heights recycles a while ago. It did not include boxboard (boxes from cereal, pop, crackers, etc). I always have a lot of that in my recycling so I vowed to get to the bottom of this some day. Yesterday, I did some poking around online and found my answer. IGH doesn’t have consolidated recycling like St. Paul. Each garbage hauler sets its own rules. So I don’t know why the city even has rules on it’s Web site. Our hauler, Troje, has partnered with Eureka, which does St. Paul’s...

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