Have you ever timed your mornings?

On Sunday night, I participated in a Twitter #stylechat about how long it takes to get ready in the morning. Sasha asked some great questions and the participants all had great answers. The chat itself was inspired by this:

Yesterday, after the chat, I timed my morning routine.

  • First 25 minutes: Shower, dry off, put on deodorant, brush teeth, brush hair, get dressed including shoes and jewelry and eat a bowl of cereal.
  • Second 25 minutes: Get the three kids dressed. (Mark had already fed them.)
  • Third 25 minutes: Get two kids into shoes and jackets and get all three in to the car and drive three miles to school.

So there you have it. Having three kids in tow triples my morning routine. How about yours?

1 comment for “Have you ever timed your mornings?

  1. Lauren
    October 31, 2010 at 3:50 pm

    For the sake of hilarity, I should see if Slow-Poke Me can shower, get ready and eat breakfast in 25 minutes. I think I’d have to pretend our house was on fire …

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